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We are a social investing layer built on top of an on-chain asset management protocol.

The key thesis of the community-centric tokenomics model in the context of the deFarm Protocol is that all participants within the ecosystem have a shared interest in its success and growth. This means that the incentives and rewards within the tokenomics system are designed to encourage behaviors that benefit the entire community, rather than just individual stakeholders.

deFarm Suite

In our first development phase, we have two main products:

  • Single Farm (Testnet is Live). Mainnet is due on Q1-2024.

Single Farm is a unique one-time type of DeFi vault, which means that the Farm Manager manages one trade per vault. The manager creates a farm for a single trade and crowdfunds for that trading idea. Once the manager closes that trade, the realized profits or losses will be instantly returned to the investors.

Create your first vaults

A seasonal farm is a perpetuity DeFi vault facilitating the trading of multiple assets within the farm according to your trading strategies. Managed by only verified managers, Seasonal Farm offers users a decentralized alternative to traditional Hedge Funds. Compared to another traditional hedge fund, where the clients’ or investors’ assets get deposited into the fund accounts, Seasonal Farm remains non-custodial and fully transparent, which means investors can see the fund's performance throughout the process.

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deFarm - decentralized Farms, an On-chain Social platform for active asset management.