💡deFarm is a chain-agnostic (multichain) Web3 Social Investing Platform for On-chain Vault Asset Management. deFarm aims at "socializing" the process of on-chain (non-custody) fund creating, managing, and investing.

Using the concept of "DeFi Vault" and the "Vaultification" trend within DeFi space, deFarm utilizes our products and services to offer our users a futuristic yet easy-to-use platform while generating an inciting user experience upon engaging in our platform.

👇What we are:

All in all, our platform is all about decentralization and socialization in investment. With these mottos in mind, we aim to create an efficient Creator Economy platform and a futuristic user experience.

Welcome to deFarm. Invest together for the better.

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deFarm - decentralized Farms, an On-chain Social platform for active asset management.